Best DSLR Cameras Under $500


Some of you might be beginners or professionals. Searching a camera under your budget point is very easy, but searching for a camera that fulfills all of your needs and also lasts longer is a tough task. You won’t regret checking this article, i.e, Best DSLR Cameras Under $500.

I know to get the best camera without spending a fortune is many people’s will. If you think cameras under 500 are nothing more than a box with a low-quality lens and few camera-like features, you should think again.

Nowadays, many cameras manufacturers are providing every necessary feature and high-quality lens, body, and everything you need in a collection at a very low cost of around 500.

We all know that cameras are becoming very popular nowadays and everybody wants to have a camera. Recording videos of friends and taking photos and uploading them to social media is a ubiquitous thing for these centuries.

Nobody wants to carry a bulky, substantial body all day, that just hurt our arms. We all want a compact body that is very lightweight, with tons of features loaded without affecting our wallet.

In this Camera Review Guide, I’ve searched for a few weeks to find the Best DSLR Cameras Under $500 for my beautiful viewers. The list of the cameras in this review guide is enough to fulfill all of your desires.

Beginners and Professionals can use one of these or as many as you want as their daily driver. Some of the cons of cameras mentioned in this guide can be converted into pros by buying an extra gadget.

 1) Canon EOS Rebel T6

 A great deal for any beginners as this is an entry-level DSLR especially made for beginners. You get tons of overwhelming accessories that are included with this camera. This camera also helps any novice photographer to use any of the manual settings just like a pro.

The picture quality in this camera is super impressive. Anyone can quickly figure out about this camera and start using it in no time. Surprisingly this is a very light camera. Some of the accessories that you get with this camera are tripod, sd cards, bag, cleaning cloth, and external shooting cable.

You can use wifi in this camera to transfer any device, but the computer is an exceptional case. Unfortunately, you cannot wirelessly transfer any data from this camera to your computer hard drive. You can make this possible by using a cable or a card reader. This camera completes its job exceptionally well with good lighting and excellent composition.

Besides, with this camera, you get a 58mm of high definition wide-angle lens and 58mm 2x professional telephoto lens that can help you take any type of photo you want by covering and focusing on large areas in a single lens. This camera is also the closest competitor of Nikon D3300, which was announced in January of 2014.

A general YouTuber or vlogger could find the pocket tripod very useful that comes with this camera, which is only about 5 inches high. It also has a little wallet like a case for the two SD Cards, which works excellent that can attach to the camera strap for easy and convenient use.

The very comfortable straps could hold the camera for as much longer as you want. Besides, it has a UV-lens, which is perfect for super gloomy days, which makes the shot a little brighter. Anyway, you can also take the dividers out and switch them around as they are movable, which is an excellent thing about this camera.


The quality of this camera is above expectations, and it is effortless to utilize the point clicks. Also, the flash works exceptionally well. You can always put on and in the lenses when you’re not using them with small pouches and covers. You don’t get an extra pair of battery with this camera; however, it charges very fast.


  • Inexpensive
  • Beginner friendly
  • Quality
  • Easy to Use
  • Tons of Accessories


  • Single Battery
  • Few accessories are useless

 2) Sony a5100

This camera is the best pick for Youtuber’s and Vloggers. Now you don’t have to carry any bulky DSLR to get excellent photos or videos for Facebook, Insta, or Twitter. It has a built-in mirror flip-up screen, which is very impressive and helps take care of the lightning, angles, and the right focus.

A lens that comes with this camera makes it a little heavy, but perfect, and prevents the camera from falling out of your hand. Also, it’s not that heavy to make your arm tired. The first impression of this camera is so impressive. This camera can easily and quickly set up using a free app.

Though it is a smaller design camera, it has a power pack in it. As long as you’re on wifi, you can send any photos or videos taken with this device to any device around you. Now sharing any content on social media with this camera is much more comfortable and efficient.

Professional photographers can invest in this camera for good. You can face atrocious battery life when you buy this camera, but when you disable pre-AF, then battery life will increase dramatically. When you put this camera on power-saving standby modes, the battery can last even more than a day.

The quality of the Sony camera has never failed to amaze their customers. The photos taken from this camera has a bright, sharper, and crispier outcome. Also, there are a lot of settings available in this camera for perfect selfies. With a facial smoother option, you can easily blend out any imperfections on the skin.

In low light, these camera capabilities are nothing short of glorious. With this camera, you can easily shoot at ISO 3200 and 6400 with no issue at all, and the grain structure looks hilarious. A beginner can shoot with this camera and get the result according to their skills. However, if professionals use this camera, then they can get hilarious photos and videos.

The colours are stunning. Besides, this camera has an auto-crop option that you may want to turn it off. This camera has a lot of things to like, such as it’s full-frame 4:2:2 uncompressed HDMI output and 50 megabit recording mode. It also has a large sensor inside the small body of this camera that improves the quality of photos and videos.

The touch screen is quite disappointing because it’s quite hard to see under direct light. Unfortunately, creators don’t like that they have to charge the battery inside the camera that may take a few hours to complete.


  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight
  • Syncing feature


  • Viewfinder
  • Battery
  • Touchscreen

 3) Canon Powershot G7 x Mark II

This is one of the Best photography cameras for the professional. The picture quality of this camera is awe-inspiring. Also, it has quality manual control, which is very easy to use.

With the help of a built-in wifi feature and canon picture app, it’s elementary to transfer any photos from the camera to the cell phone. This camera has a great zooming range of 24-100m, which is equivalent to 35mm, which is fantastic.

Unlike other cameras, when it goes like, from 1.8 to 2.8 across the zoom, noticing the camera stopping down is a kind of challenge. Also, it is very small, small enough to fit in your jeans pocket.

The camera is loaded with tons of features. Also, it is an ultra-portable and lightweight camera. The autofocus of this camera is fantastic and virtually seamless in most settings.

Besides, it has the aperture of F1.8, which is very sharp at 24mm. However, the camera likes to default to F/2, and when you’re shooting manual, you’ve to make a slight adjustment if you want the F1.8.

On average, the image quality is tremendous. However, if you learn to use this camera more precisely, then it can replace many other professional cameras without using a bunch of different lenses.

Timelapse is an excellent feature in this camera, helping to get the quality picture at night or the night sky. Also, this is an excellent camera that performs extremely outstanding, even in low light conditions.

Unfortunately, imagine that you want to capture any two objects which are about two feet apart, then to focus the foreground object, you need to make it correct by your hand. However, the touchscreen of this camera is very responsive.

The use of its touchscreen itself can do almost everything in this camera. On the other hand, hearing the autofocus sound during the video recording is not going to happen in this camera unless you’re in dead silence.

Also, for the multiple shooting situations, it has an incredible amount of presets, which makes It so convenient for the novice that they will not need to fiddle with the manual settings.

However, you may want to buy an extra pair of battery because only the given battery of this camera is incapable of supporting or unleashing the power that this camera can do.

Unfortunately, this camera lacks 4K support, but that doesn’t make it a deal-breaker. Also, that doesn’t seem to have any negative impact on this camera.


  • Low-light performance
  • Ultra-portable and lightweight
  • Excellent Features
  • Responsive Touchscreen


  • Single battery
  • Lack of 4K

 4) Nikon D3500

This is a very small and lightweight package. Also, when you’re using the bundled 18-55mm collapsible lens that takes excellent pictures. There is no touchscreen on this camera, but everything can be found on buttons and menus.

As well as, it’ll be easier for beginners to master photography skills with easy to use buttons and menus than the touchscreen in this camera. This is a beginner-friendly camera that a novice can use its guide mode, and this camera will teach you to take different shots using settings such as portraits, landscape, macro, or night.

In short, this DSLR can also be called a bridge DSLR for beginners because it helps a novice to become a pro photographer. The battery of this camera is far better than any other DSLR.

You can get nearly like 1550 shots wit this camera without charging. It also has a large image sensor that makes your image sharper and cleaner. You can easily record Full HD 1080p videos with this camera.

The autofocus performance and high ISO of this camera are excellent. Nikon always gives the best lens out there and has provided a great lens in this camera too.

It has notable similarities in the controls and buttons. This camera can also be set to auto mode, and then you’re good to go for shooting without any further preparation.

You can also choose a lot of effects on this camera. The quality of Nikon has always been exceptional. Besides, the direct uploading of photos to the smartphone with this camera is so easy.

The quality and the flexibility of this camera with the ease of point and shoot is excellent. Usually, To focus, you can set the back button to focus, and it will do it more quickly.

If you want more depth of the color, you can purchase a polarizing filter which will easily do that job. You can even protect the lens by using the polarizing filter. Also, a lens hood can be purchased in case if you want to keep away the blown highlights and glare, which is extremely valuable.


  • Portable
  • Large Sensors
  • Battery Life
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Professional use


  • Touchscreen missing

 5) Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II

Carrying this camera all day that has an outstanding image quality without hurting arms is much easier now. If you’re planning to take pictures of the star trails, then you can use its fantastic features, which is known as Live Comp Mode, that will automatically enhance your excitement of photography.

If you’ve any moving targets, then don’t expect much from this camera because the AF with moving targets is not that best in this camera. Also, point out that people having large hands could find it challenging to handle it. However, people with medium size hand can quickly and beautifully fit this camera in their hands.

By the use of this camera, you can do most of your shooting without taking your eye off it, because, it has a more significant, and top of the line OLED EVF. By using this camera, you can also get the tilting feature in this camera, which comes in handy when you shoot above your head and low on the ground.

This is a compact and very lightweight camera that can also take Raw Photos and had decent lens selection. The EVF and LCD Screen of this camera are bright and have no delay at all. The battery life of this camera is just beautiful, which will not be a con if you could buy an extra pair of batteries.

The camera can nicely fit in your pocket and also feels small in hand. Besides, this camera has a masterpiece combination of High IQ, advanced features, compactness, affordability, lens selection, and quality. The feel of construction in this camera seems to be a rock-solid. By using this camera, taking smoother, brighter, and crispier photos is very easy to shoot.


In this camera, Olympus has found a way of improving the ergonomics by re-polishing some controls and beefing up the two dials. Also, there is a 16 MP sensor in this camera that can make high-quality prints up to 24×36″ at low ISO and up to 13×19″ at ISO 3200.

It can also adapt to the camera exposure and tell you how your picture will look like. The presence of a touchscreen and super control panel in this camera works like a charm. However, if you shoot at low sequence speed, then continuous AF in this camera works much better. The image stabilization is a kind of art of this camera.


  • Solid construction
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight & Compact
  • Traditional look
  • Image stabilization


  • AF
  • Battery life
  • Focus in Low light


These cameras can be used when going hiking, functions, or having fun with friends and families. There are different types of cameras from different kinds of manufacturers that are mentioned in this review guide. One can be your favorite among Olympus, Nikon, Canon, and Sony.

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