Best Cameras Under $300

Best Cameras Under $300

I know finding the Best Cameras Under $300 is a very tough job. Having a good camera is very important in a person’s life. No one can bear the pain of loss in the quality of pictures of their memories, events, and celebrations.

A few years back, it wasn’t so hard to find a camera. Still, the same thing has become quite severe nowadays because of different popular manufacturers, a lot of new features, varieties of options, and expensiveness as well.

If you go to the market, then you’ll see that a single manufacturing company has a massive buffet of choice that makes you fall in confusion. I know many people have skeptical views of nature, and that’s why I’ve searched for the best cameras under $300.

We have precisely searched for the product that falls under or less than 300 dollars. More than 90% of reviews of these selected products are favorable. Competitive pricing and brand leveling quality are what make this market, even more, interesting to know more about them.

These products are well known for their brands, outstanding qualities, functions, and their performances. The series of cameras represented below can be trusted for long-lasting usage and excellent output from them.

1) Panasonic Lumix FZ80

This camera has a great zoom and great lens, which is very tough to get in this price range—an excellent pick for enjoying a magnificent view no matter if it’s a long way away. Also, wildlife, birdwatching are done mesmerizingly with this camera. 

Commonly it is very tough to get any 4K video option in low or mid-range DSLR. However, the 4K video option is available on this camera. The selection and menu choices are overwhelming. This camera also shows you frame by frame and let you select ones to take photos. My recommendation would be don’t do this in-camera screen instead pick any software and then do it on your computer.

Fortunately, you can easily take around thirty photos per second in this camera that allows you to get pictures in real-time and post it quickly on social media. If you try to take pictures of any moving objects in low light conditions, then it might hurt you, but, only, if you’re a professional. Otherwise, this is an excellent pick for learners or beginners.

It can also be said that this is a fantastic outdoor daytime camera. The autofocus and zoom are incredible and fast on this camera. However, the aperture is limited to F-8 so, your close focus would also be limited, which is fine unless you’re a hardcore photographer.

As I said, it’s not recommended in the low light condition that is true. Still, if you operate the camera using the setting recommended in some youtube videos, then it can take pretty good photos even in low light. You should remember that, if you’re a beginner you shall follow some guide, or you can also go with some youtube videos for good.

The battery of this camera is over the expectation. Suppose you’ve already taken over three hundreds of images, but still you’ve lost only half of the battery, this is insane. The potential of this camera is more than someone can write it down. If you learn to operate the creative control in this camera, then you can unlock the full potential of this camera.

Also, it’d be better not to expect a DSLR quality from this camera using good quality lenses as you should know that this is a point and shoot camera. It has excellent software that comes with this camera.

Note that even if you get a very expensive high-quality DSLR and if you don’t know how to take photos, then you’re not going to get satisfied. So, it’d be better if you learn to take pictures then this camera is also good enough.


  • Zoom
  • Picture Quality
  • Build Quality
  • Battery Life
  • Image Stabilization
  • Auto Focus


  • Low-Light Performance
  • Focus Ring

2) Nikon Coolpix A900

This is a master pack of all camera that serves very well and costs even less than $300 that comes with a beautiful handy leather case. You can face a memory crisis in this camera when shooting with 4K mode.

Always prepare yourself by carrying an extra piece of memory when you’re going outside. It has a smooth feeling when we’re positioning the screen. Notches are available on either of the top corners for wrist straps or a neck strap.

The focus works great when zooming. But focus won’t work on full zoom and shaky hand at the same time. You need a tripod or steady surface to focus clearly on full zoom. This camera is specially targeted for travelers and tourists who are searching for pocket-sized point-and-shoot cameras.

However, if you’re more demanding and, a sophisticated user, then this might not be your camera. Good stabilization is ready to maintain all your photos and videos. The layout of this camera is very intuitive as compared to the complexity of other cameras.

Scene mode is handy, but exposure compensation can be quickly adjusted in this camera when shooting in P mode, which does as much as scene mode. Besides, the movie function works well. This could be your other best cameras under $300.

On the one hand, If you have no idea about the exposure and ISO, then you can use a setting on the mode dial of this camera that automatically decides everything for you. You also get to choose varieties of scene modes such as portraits, beaches, etc.

On the other hand, if you want to set exposure, ISO, or shutter speed manually, then you can easily do that. You also get the potentially bewildering bunch of options in this camera, for instance: panorama. Relatively easy to navigate interface is ready to redesign your flow of work.

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There is one secret about this camera, the more you learn to use the function of this camera, the more your photos get professional. Aperture Priority Mode, Shutter Priority Mode, and Manual Mode are a few standard features of this camera. As compared to the other cameras, it has a more flexible screen and functionality.

Photos can be directly transferred to your iPhone just after shooting with this piece of technology as you may know that many point-and-shoot cameras are unable to take a little longer videos. However, unlike them, you can make videos longer than 7.5 minutes. You cannot aim to shoot fast-moving objects such as babies because many of them turn out to be blurry shots.


  • Picture Quality
  • Battery Life
  • Durability
  • Face Recognition
  • Zoom


  • Clunky Feel

3) Canon Powershot SX620

This is an extremely compact camera as compared to others which are also durable, lighter, and good enough to deliver HD quality photos in all conditions. Battery life is outstanding in this camera. It is effortless to use the camera, also feels sturdy and the built quality is incredible for such a little body.

If you’ve large hands, then you can feel some difficulty in holding this camera as it is only 4″ wider, which is perfect for carrying around and very comfortable for small hands. Besides, this camera has a lot of great features, but many people are only considering full auto mode for point and shoot, which is only an essential function of this camera.

The optical image stabilization is desirable for this camera. The automatic plastic lens cover of this camera closes when the camera is not in use or when it’s not in camera mode. To shoot excellent pictures, you should get a tripod because no matter how much it seems like its shake free, there always remains some shaky impact in your photo which might be hard to identify with our naked eyes.

Unfortunately, the clarity of this camera at 25x would not meet your expectations. However, the detail of pictures at 20x is worth mentioning. The ISO can be easily adjusted to maintain the low light brightness, especially in programs and ceremonies. Also, the colors in the pictures are easily controllable.

The default mode of this camera takes pretty good photos and videos. However, if you read it’s manual, then you might fulfill your high expectation regarding the quality of pictures and videos. The seamless experience with this camera is hard to describe.

Transferring photos and videos from this camera to your phone is so great with the help of their software. A large 3 inch LCD makes your viewing experience convenient even from a wide-angle. The battery life is so amazing. Nearly 300 shots can be taken when the camera is in normal mode.

More than 400 shots can be taken when the camera is in ECO Mode and almost 360 minutes of videos can be recorded by entirely relying on the battery of this camera. The auto zooming feature of this camera is great and depends on the number of objects.


  • Image Stabilization
  • Zoom
  • Battery Life
  • Picture Quality
  • Easy-to-use
  • Face Recognition


  • Minimal size

4) Canon Vixia HF R800

The body of this camera feels a very small compact cylinder which is very comfortable in your hand. Also, it looks stylish. You get to enjoy a wide range of coverage such as 180 degrees viewing angle and 90 degrees facedown when filming.

The internal microphone sound quality of this camera is top-notch for videography. Best pick for beginners with ease of use and beginner-friendly settings. The optical image stabilization is quite impressive, and you don’t get to experience any shaky or disorder in your photos and videos.

You get to see sharp pictures and videos with lots of details and also It offers you an exceptional level of zooming. For instance, you can zoom up to 55x to 56x. So far, The only drawback of this camera is that they don’t offer 4K video quality.

The camera delivers a good range of resolution with respective battery life, so overall for the average quality of recording you can genuinely rely on this camera. Unfortunately for the very high resolution, you might want to carry some spare battery and memory.

You have a CMO sensor in this camera which takes care of low light settings. The camera goes up to the only 1080/60p, but by giving the superior image quality, also it has the superior optics that typifies the canon products. By taking pictures with this camera, you can get HD 1920 x 1080 resolution.

The HDMI output option in this camera helps you to watch all of your photos and videos on your TV. The camera requires some memory cards as it doesn’t come with inbuilt memory storage despite the fact it gives you high-quality images. The image, colors, and stabilization are set to default. However, you get an option to fix it as per your need.

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The highlight priority mode in this camera helps you to prevent your videos from being blown out. By the use of this feature, you may lose some details from your videos, but you can preserve the major information about what your videos are based on.

Let’s talk about its battery life span, you can survive this camera up to 16 hours if you’re recording in 720p, but it’ll last about 8 hours with 1080p of recording. Best for families and social media bloggers. Extensive video knowledge is not required to shoot from this camera.

Manual audio control is missing in this device. Otherwise, this is a decent camera at a reasonable price. The image in this camera remains stable when you’re using the telephoto lens. A fun fact about this camera is that, when you touch the screen panel, then the camera automatically turns on.


  • Sleek design 
  • Great zoom
  • Powerful Battery 
  • Easy to use 
  • Inexpensive 


  • No 4k recording 
  • Memory lacks
  • Manual Audio Control

5) Canon Powershot SX530 HS

The device is quite stylish to hold, and the body is firm and classy in design. The strap comes with a mixture of nylon and leather, so it’s comfortable that way too. They do lag some aspects, such as low light shots might give you some bothering clips, but it’s quite average and satisfactory at the same time for its range when compared.

It comes with an additional battery and memory card, which will surely give its users a slight relief even if it has a lousy battery backup. It is quite Inexpensive for the features and quality you get with this camera.

The stabilization of this camera is quite pleasant, even if you have shaky hands. The camera does feel quite cheap in hand. However, it is very durable. The accessories are awe-inspiring, and the zoom is excellent.

The auto mode in this camera performs substantially. Apart from this, there are a lot of fancy other features in this camera, that allows you to customize in-depth. Great for novice photographers as it is easy-to-use and extremely beginners friendly settings and options.

This camera is very light as compared to the same type of cameras in the market, maybe due to its light battery. The 50x optical zoom and the 200x digital zoom can get you closer to anywhere you want to. If you’re a camera buddy, then, you may miss the viewfinder in this little guy.

You can easily connect this camera with your phone or even a computer. The HDMI cord and the memory card, which is capable of inserting anywhere in any device, makes this camera very convenient in many aspects. The breath-taking option of transferring the photos from this camera to any other device is just incredible.


  • Inexpensive
  • Stabilization
  • Great Accessories 
  • Easy-to-use
  • Picture Quality
  • Value for money
  • Lightweight


  • Low-Light Performance

6) Canon EOS 4000D

Finding a quality product but at an affordable price is just magic and can not be seen so quickly. Here we have Canon EOS 4000D with such a great magical spell. Transferring photos from this little body to our phone and tablet is very easy, and also, this camera can be easily controlled from your phone or tablet.

Along with that, controlling your camera from phone or tablet also helps you to minimize the risk of shutter shake when capturing long exposures. A beginner guy can use it with an ease of use, and they can easily follow their path of becoming a professional photographer.

Lack of touch screen is not going to hurt unless you hate navigating menus using buttons. A rubber grip in front of the camera helps to protect this from accidental events. The body of this camera is made of plastics, and it feels solid, but it can create problems if you change lenses very frequently.

The spaces in between the buttons of this camera are enough that also makes it look spotless and responsive as well. There is a food mode in this camera that makes the food look more fresh and vibrant in the pictures. Also, the creative mode let you choose the amount of background blur you want to set in the photos.

The quality of canon cameras always does their job, and there is nothing to complain about. Either you’re shooting in a dark environment or a light environment, the photos will always be vibrant and colourful. Even though the pictures taken by this camera are very qualitative, I am very disappointed by its Low-Resolution LCD Display.

I would not recommend this camera to any Vloggers because of the limited resolution and lack of input mic. Let’s move to the battery part. There is a Li-Ion type of battery, and on average, 500 shots can be effortlessly taken from this camera without charging the battery for the second time.


  • Inexpensive 
  • Stabilization
  • Easy-to-use
  • Decent Pictures
  • Nice Grip


  • Limited Resolution
  • Lack Of Input Mic

FAQs: Learn More About The Best Cameras Under $300

What are the best camera brands under $300?

There are many cameras brand in the market those are best under $300. However, some of the reputed brands are Sony, Nikon, Panasonic, Canon, etc.

Which camera has 4k Video available under $300?

It is very tough to find any camera with 4k videos available in it under $300. However, Panasonic Lumia FZ80 comes with a 4k video mode.

How comfortable is the strap of Canon Powershot SX530 HS?

The Strap of Canon Powershot SX530 HS is very comfortable as it comes with a mixture of Nylon and Leather.

Does Canon Vixia HF R800 have “Night Vision”?

This camera does not have any Night Vision but it comes with a Night Mode.

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