Best Cameras Under $700

So you want to buy the best cameras under $700 but don’t know where to start or you’re confused. Don’t worry, and you don’t have to spend weeks after reading a bunch of reviews about different cameras.

You even don’t have to spend months in research for the best camera that can be bought under 700 bucks.

We’ve got you covered. We’ve already done lots of research in finding the best camera under $700. Professionals and experienced photographers highly recommend these cameras that we’ve mentioned in this article. They are also convenient for beginner photographers.

1) Canon EOS REBEL SL3

The specification of the camera is quite remarkable for the price. Especially the body of this camera is quite surprising, sort of similar camera has found to be more weighted than this one. Being very lightweight is what makes it one of our top choices.


The body of this camera has made up of very lightweight material, and the design has specially made to provide excellent grip to the user. It has a pleasing 360° movable display screen for the users.


DIGIC 8 processor has been integrated in this camera that makes it super fast.


The camera also provides a better and much comfortable range of connectivity for WiFi. There is a very less restriction for data transfer from WiFi medium.

Screen Quality

The screen quality is here to determine the resolution and the FPS of the videos and images. The device can shot videos up to 4K recording, and it has similarly high resolution for shots. Also, 1080p videos can record at 60 FPS.


As per the performance and usage, the device has excellent battery life. Also, the battery is changeable and can be charged separately. That makes it portable and can be taken anywhere we go, or we want to take it.

Lenses & Autofocus

The camera supports both EF-S and EF lenses. It has an outstanding autofocus performance during the daylight and average performance at low light conditions. Despite that, it provides a nine-point autofocus system, which is very fast and reliable.

Value for Money

This device truly holds great stats when performed under extreme conditions and won’t disappoint the users. Overall its a worth taking package with much more significant brand name and excellent manufacturing quality.

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The device offers a 360° movable display which is not seen so often in various camera and is highly desirable by the users. The DIGIC 8 processor is truly remarkable for performance and is highly reliable.

No matter if you’re in Dark Closets, or if there’s no flash or no tripod, this camera is still going to produce vivid photos.

The best part is that it’s also very easy to use, which means beginners can surely grab this one for a greater result. Not only beginners but all level of photographers can use this camera with its full potential.

It comes with a very smooth and long-lasting battery life whereby the battery can be charged separately unlike some other models battery which has to be charged via the device.

The device has a great 9 point autofocus system which might seem to be quite ordinary, but its algorithm is very quick and provides great shots.

Canon has never provided any option to the photographer where it provides clean HDMI while the autofocus is on in its any previous mode.

However, this is the only camera of canon that provides the clean HDMI even when the autofocus is on.

This is an extremely important feature for the content creator as they could also use the camera for live streaming and recording.

The best about this camera is that, even if you shoot randomly, the results are still going to turn out incredible and stunning. Besides, the auto exposure is also remarkable in this camera.

The touchscreen is super responsive, and there are a time-lapse function and other outstanding features, which is an excellent gift to the Youtubers, Vloggers, and another content creator.


  • Inexpensive
  • EF-S and EF lenses Support
  • DIGIC 8 processor
  • Touchscreen
  • 4K Recording
  • Vivid Photos
  • 360° movable display


  • only 9 Focus point

2) Sony Alpha ILCE-6000L/B a6000


This device is manufactured by SONY and has a great built quality talking about the long-lasting life of the device and the solid feel in hand is just awesome.

One of the best portable device as it is so compact and lightweight. It has an easy grip. That is why this could be another top pick for travelers.


The processing part of the camera is the best you can have at such a rate. It has an electronic viewfinder which is very fast and reliable. The device is very fast that it can easily take up to 11 burst shots in a second.

Data transfer

The camera comes with an option of data transfer via WiFi but not Bluetooth. So the file transfer can be done via the play memories app available on Google play or app store which makes the process very easy and convenient.


Now talking about the performance, there is no doubt its a chartbuster hit name in the list. The image resolution is super impressive that is produced by the help of a 24MP sensor.

The images can be cropped without any effort for resolution deterioration.  The shots offered in low light by this camera is also quite mesmerizing and truly worth it.


It comes with the kit lens which isn’t much satisfactory. However, With the help of custom lenses as per need, the outcomes are great.


The device kit comes with a basic set of batteries that delivers average performance, the battery life isn’t much long-lasting hence its recommended to hold a spare set of batteries for outdoor purposes.

User interface

The user interface is very easy and it’s surely recommendable for beginners too. From the device configuration to image extraction it’s all very easy.

Value for Money

The camera is truly Inexpensive and worth every single penny you invest including some minor accessories such as extra batteries and new lenses.

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Despite such great performance, the device holds one minor drawback, its battery life isn’t much satisfying but the performance. Hence it’s highly advised to carry other spares of battery so that no interruption stops you from capturing anything you want to whenever you’re outside.

The photo’s qualities are much better than any Canon 12 MP Cameras. It can be taken to the wedding for photography as it has outstanding low-light performance.

There is a base lens included which minimizes the amount of zoom. Because of which you may have to crop some photos but don’t worry that’s not going to decrease the quality of your photos.

The camera and its kit are so amazing that you would fall in love with that. Although kit can be easily upgraded by spending around 10 dollars to include the Corel software.

The focus is very fast with much more focus points and however, it is quite better than any canon camera.

Also, many more lenses are available as compared to the Canon mirrorless cameras. It has an Electronic OLED Viewfinder which is an advantage over an optical viewfinder.

The hand strap is quite large for this size of camera, can be replaced with a Spider Light hand strap. Also, there is one more thing that needs to be consider about this camera.

Keep in mind that if you’re using XAVCS video format for the best resolution then 64GB of memory might not be enough for you. So, you need to keep that an extra pair as well apart from the batteries.

There is an impressive thing about this camera. Suppose you’re focusing an object, then it’s going to lock focus on an object which is also known as continuous follow focus. This is very useful for video shooting.

The camera is definitely very easy to use. However, if someone wants full control of DSLR then they can have that as well. Unfortunately, this do not have an option for Bluetooth but it does have wifi.


  • Continuous Follow Focus
  • WiFi
  • Soli Build
  • Fine Grip
  • Excellent Photos and Videos
  • Electronic OLED Viewfinder


  • No Bluetooth
  • Heating Issue On Long Video Shooting
  • Battery

3) Panasonic Lumix G85


This camera has a superior grip whether you are using a single-handedly or by using both hands while taking shots. The body is lightweight and can be taken anywhere, also, the comfort it provides to the photographer is super impressive.

Other than the size and weight, the camera comes with a 180° rotation and swivel display which is very eye-catching.

Also, the button of this camera has made it super durable and in the finest way possible. It’s very easy to get adapted to the keys in a very short period of time. The buttons have a firm reassuring feel to them.


The device comes with great autofocus and processing speed. Despite any cheap camera, this device holds the speed of the camera among the higher-rated camera.

Most recommended is adjusting the custom settings for your type of use which makes the usage and processing more concerned towards our desired output.

Data tranfer

The devices don’t support WiFi data transfer and it’s better to come with some memory and card readers to extract the required data from the camera.


The device comes with an average performing battery so we highly recommend always having a spare around you, so you don’t miss any important opportunity.


The device is highly compatible with a variety of lenses. The kit lens is considered to be the 12-60mm lens which produces really nice output.

The image obtained are very sharp, crisp, and wide. so for further details in output, new high-quality lenses can be added.


The camera offers a high-resolution 4k video recording 30 FPS and 1080pHD at 60 FPS. And, High-quality natural images can be taken from this little piece of technology.

Value for Money

The resolution in this camera is amazing. However, the battery is not that great. The photos and videos are super impressive.

Also, the build quality, feels, grip, and another software function of this camera is really nice. Great quality lenses can also be used to get a great output.

In short, the amount you spend on this camera is not going to make you feel guilty in any way. As you get the really good benefits for the price you pay as compared to other cameras in this price range.

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It comes with an excellent 16MP sensor, which genuinely captures unique shots. Not to be miscalculated with the low Mega Pixel. Even cameras having low MP Can come up with a more significant shot as its all in the lens and sensor built quality.

As said earlier that the battery backup is not great, however, there are different options in this camera to increase the life span of the battery. Such as you can turn on the battery saving option that will drastically increase the battery life of this camera.

When editing sometime we want to crop our photos and that might decrease the quality of image, but, hey, don’t worry that’s not going to happen with the photos taken from this camera.

The stabilization of this camera is completely insane. You may have to practice a little to use this camera while walking with wide mode enable. The kit lens is nice, undoubtedly. Also, The kit lens and the camera itself is weatherproof.

However, low light shooting is not good and it is understandable because of a poor lens. But if you manage some light then the photos and videos taken in low light are super cooler, crispier, and natural.

Just like other cameras, this device also has some downside. The photos get quite noisy if you increase the ISO at peak. In that, you won’t be able to rapid-fire RAW Photos at 12 FPS. Apart from this, it has an upgraded shutter and Auto Focus as compared to the GX7.


  • Inexpensive
  • Improved AF
  • 4K Videos & Photos
  • Nice Kit Lens
  • Stabilization
  • Weatherproof


  • Average Battery Life
  • WiFi Compatibility

4) Nikon D3500


The camera is lightweight and is very compact. In fact, this one can also be considered as one of the most compact cameras coming from Nikon.

They have been working for a long period of time into the camera, so we can expect more this device. Just like previous great models, they have offered a great body in this too.

The device offers a great grip even if it’s get used by the people with big palms. You can surely make a great catch with three fingers single-handedly.

The body also holds an Inbuilt flash but as for the D3 series having external flashes delivers greater results.  The body has some great pair of buttons for manual options.


The camera is really quick in terms of processing speed. You can take some really good shots without speed being an issue.

This gadget is also called the entry-level DSLR as its very reliable for durability and is also easy to use at the same time. Can take up to 5 shots per second at full resolution mode. 


This camera offers a great resolution. The recording quality is also magnificent that comes with average electronic image stabilization and has satisfactory shots.

The camera can shoot at 1080p with 60 Frames per second. The device features a 24MP with a great sensor ability that can really beautiful photos and videos.


Comes with an 11 point autofocus which is a really awesome thing to have in a camera.


It comes with great quality in terms of battery life. No need to care about the battery if you’re going to an event that is very time consuming and you need your camera alive.

Battery support is awesome. Also, the batteries can be charged separately by bringing it out of the device. So carrying a spare is not an issue as spares can be charged separately.


It comes with a kit lens of 18-55mm. It is great for random shots and for custom needs. You can easily integrate some other lenses too.

With some more lenses, this package is an expertise deal for any beginner or professional photographer to get hands-on along. The device is Compatible with AF-P & most of the AF-S lenses.

Value for Money

The device is Inexpensive and the features it provides with such amazing built quality is really appreciatable.

The product is truly worth the money. The camera is an excellent piece of work for both beginners and professionals.

Manual settings help the professionals to get greater shots with outstanding features and the autofocus helps the beginners as well.

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Nikon has always provided us with a great lens. Also, the predecessor of this camera has never disappointed anyone. We expect the same from this as well.

A Professional can use this camera but a beginner can also use this camera. If you’re a professional and you look at this camera by putting yourself in the shoes of beginners, then you’ll know that Nikon’s intention is to get beginners to start using DSLR.

A good thing about this camera is that it has a guide mode. Let us assume you want to shoot photos and videos in different modes. Then simply go to guide menu and select among landscape, night, macro, or any other mode you want to start with, and you’re good to go.

To capture a great shot you can simply replace its lens with Tamron and Sigma lenses which are supposed to be a cheap lens and provide great results.

Another big point about this camera is that it has a manual control functionalities which lacks in many modern digital cameras nowadays. This could be a good point in most cases as the internals are completely managed by the computer so it may ruins the photos. However, with manual control functionalities you have all the controls in your hand.


  • Inexpensive
  • Solid Build Quality
  • Manual Control Functionalities
  • Great Battery Life
  • Compact & Portable


  • External Mic Cord Missing

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FAQ’s: Let’s Read More About The Best Camera Under $700

What is the best camera under $700?

Canon EOS REBEL SL3, Sony Alpha ILCE-6000L/B a6000, Panasonic Lumix G85, Nikon D3500 are some of the best cameras picks under $700.

What camera should I buy for 2020 & 2021?

Canon EOS REBEL SL3 and Sony Alpha ILCE-6000L/B a6000 are the best cameras in 2020 and 2021.

What is one of the best thing about Nikon D3500?

It has the manual control functionalities which is lacking in todays most modern digital cameras.

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