Canon EOS R5 – Is It Best Mirrorless Camera?

The Canon EOS R5 is one of the best camera in the market. The hybrid feature of shooting video and still photographs in high quality will definitely juice your photography skills.

If you’re a content creator for Youtube or a fun lover who likes to take pictures and videos of yourself, playing or doing crazy stuff like that of “Dude Perfect” then Canon EOS R5 might be a Charioteer that will drive you to millions of followers.

It’s perfect for action photography because of the 8-stop in-body image stabilizer, and subject tracking, that reduces the blurry photos while hand-holding the camera, of people and animals/birds using deep learning technology.

Indeed, the Canon EOS R5 is the best camera manufactured by Canon but it has a heating problem. After you take 8k videos for a longer time, the camera becomes too hot and holding it becomes problematic.

Although R5’s specs are really awesome and much more powerful than other mirrorless cameras of it’s class, this drawback literally ruins the photography experience.

However, Canon has also made several changes in it’s devices, like making the body of magnesium alloy and adding overheat control mode, for reducing overheating but it is quite ineffective in case of EOS R5.


The clear view 3.15- inch LCD contains 2,100k dots with a responsive touchscreen.

The wide angle LCD screen helps a photographer to take image and video from different angles, and in terms of EOS R5, horizontally 180° and vertically 270°.

Other than having clear image quality, the screen is coated with anti-smudge which easily removes any dust or fingerprints with just a single wipe.

EVF is always better than OVF and in terms of R5 you get an even better resolution of 5,690k dots along with 120 fps. With such a high refresh rate, say goodbye to lagging and choppy movement.

The 0.5-inch OLED electronic viewfinder has 100% coverage and .76x magnification. The photographer can see how the image would look, after it’s taken, either from the LCD or the EVF.

In order to save energy, R5 is mounted with an eye detection sensor whose main job is to shift from viewfinder to screen (or screen to viewfinder) whenever an eye is placed in one of them.

Camera features and AF

While shooting continuously at a high speed, the camera can surprisingly reach upto 20fps using the electronic shutter and 12fps with mechanical shutter. 

Furthermore, the R5 uses a double Pixel CMOS AF sensor with 5,940 AF points for keeping the subject focused even when it’s moving.

The new AF system has completely changed wildlife photography experience because to focus a subject all you need to do is set the camera to AF-C and face the camera at the animal.

It’ll automatically recognize the animal and focus in its eyes and face.

Of course, it is even better with humans as it can track faces and eyes easily in no time.

Taking images in public places might be quite problematic, because people frequently pass in front of the camera and the camera can focus on a different subject, but not with Canon EOS R5.

However, if you like to take control of everything on your hand then the face detection system can be turned off and you can manage the focus manually.

The good news is that AF is functional in the same way even while filming videos.

8k and 4k videography + Timelapse

The video capacity of the camera is a major head turner. The Canon EOS R5 is a full-frame 45MP mirrorless camera which is capable of 8k UHD(16:9) videography at frame rate up to 30p.

Similarly, the 8K DCI with aspect ratio of 17:9 has 8192 x 4320 pixels of resolution. Along with that, it is also capable of capturing 12 bit 8k RAW video.

The 4k capacity of the camera has more options than 8k with high-speed 120fps video recording in DCI as well as in UHD.

If you feel like having quality over speed then you can shift to HQ mode that produces detailed images at up to 30fps.

Lastly, these features also make the Canon EOS R5 an incredible camera for taking time lapse. Both 4k and 8k video modes can astonishingly capture high resolution, detailed and clear time lapses.

Storage and Cloud

When recording high quality pictures and videos, they occupy a lot of space and the camera needs to have a higher storage option. Else transferring the datas to another device and again using the camera might be annoying.

So, Canon EOS R5 has dual storage options but you’ll need to buy memory cards separately. With high-speed CFexpress card slot and a UHS-II SD card slot you can store plenty of images and 8k videos.

Cloud storage is the safest place to store the picture and video files because there’s no chance of losing the data until you delete it deliberately.

As soon as you connect the camera to the internet, it’ll directly shift all of your photos and videos to the cloud. They can also be accessed and downloaded to any device by getting app from the playstore.

Shooting time

The company is aware of the heating problem so they have added a feature where the device itself tells you the approx shooting time to reduce the risk of overheating.

Now you may argue that they could have added a fan in the R5 but let me tell you that it is a compact camera and an extra fan increases the weight which completely destroys the main feature of Canon EOS R5 that is mobility.

You need to sacrifice higher shooting time for better picture quality and features.

Below is the chart that shows the recordable time of each frame rate in different modes and given 23°C / 73°F temperature.

Cooldown time

When the camera reaches the highest temperature limit, the company recommends to turn off  the device so that you could again start using it after the temperature reduces.

The approximate time for cool down is given in a chart below but keep in mind that the heat dissipation also depends upon the environment temperature, shooting resolution and how long you have been using the camera. 

Battery Life

The high capacity 2,130mAh battery runs for decent time until you’ll need to recharge it again using the USB Type-C connection port.

You may be aware of the fact that the battery of mirrorless cameras drain quickly because of the electronic viewfinder.

So while using the EVF, the battery power is rated at only 320 shots which can be increased to 490 shots if the LCD screen is used to view the subject instead of an EVF.

In addition to that, the battery life can also be increased by adding two extra batteries using a battery grip. However, that will increase the camera’s weight.

Connectivity and Ports

The Canon EOS R5 has many connectivity options. Other than sharing datas in drive, the camera also allows you to transfer images and videos to smartphones (both android and ios), PC/macbook and tablets via Bluetooth and dual-band WI-FI.

Additionally, you can share picture/video or control the R5 using an app called canon camera connect.

Thanks to the Canon EOS Webcam Utility, the EOS R5 can also be used as a webcam in a computer. This feature is compatible with various services like messenger, youtube live, skype, zoom, hangouts, microsoft team and so on.

The Canon EOS R5 has almost all ports on the left side, except 3-pin remote connector and PC sync, which includes HDMI port, 3.5mm microphone and headphone jack.

Canon EOS R5 specifications


  • Electronic shutter is silent.
  • Lightweight.
  • 8k and 4k videos are extremely good.
  • Decent battery life when using an LCD screen.
  • Vari angle touchscreen LCD.
  • High storage facility using dual cards and cloud storage.
  • Water/ Dust resistant.
  • Best auto focus in the market.


  • Camera heats while 8k videography.
  • Recording limitations.
  • Price is really high.

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