Best DSLR Cameras with Flip Screen


Searching for cameras is a tough job. There are tons of cameras available in this market that make us confused. However, before buying any camera, we need to know our needs first of all. Different people have different choices and you may be searching for the Best DSLR Cameras with Flip Screen.

If you’re going to parties or any events, you need a camera that stands with you at any tough situation. With flip cameras, you can capture adorable photos, even at an awkward angle.

In this article, I’ve listed some Best DSLR Cameras with Flip Screen. It was a very tough job to find a perfect piece of the camera with a flip screen. However, after a lot of hard work and research, I’ve concluded these cameras as the best.

1) Panasonic Lumia FZ300

This camera has a built-in 5 axis hybrid optical image stabilization that reduces the blur from the video when shooting one-handedly. Five types of movement can be compensated with this camera to improve the clarity in videos.

Sometimes the camera gets tilted and in such a situation level shot function detects a horizontal line to maintain it. You can capture 4K photos with built-in 4K photo technology that uses 30 frames per second in high resolution. Photos from 4K ultra HD videos can also be easily extracted without losing its quality.

The Digital ViewFinder and the 180 Degrees LCD Display are some of its cool features. Also, it can increase it’s zooming power from 25m to 600m of range. With its addon option we can increase the functionality in this camera. In settings, this camera has got a ridiculous amount of features.

Also, the ability to shoot the shutter priority, aperture priority, full manual or full auto of this camera is quite impressive. Autofocus and zoom can be done quietly and in a fast way. Zero-latency on shutter can be seen in this camera.

Thumb wheel focus can be quite disappointing to some people because you might find it is badly placed. This camera is a huge improvement by Panasonic, also, far better, smaller and lighter than FZ1000 and FZ200.

You get delivered sharp, detailed and perfect exposure images. The performance of this camera in low light is way more than expectation when capturing images and videos. Unlike many other cameras, settings can be quickly adjusted on the LCD without going through extensive menus.

Build quality is awesome in this camera that feels very solid. Not a waterproof camera, but definitely it has a weather sealing, that helps to use this camera in inclement weather. Also, the touch-screen LCD has greatly improved. The start-up in this camera is quite faster.

However this camera has a Microphone port, where you can add an external Microphone which is a very useful feature in windy conditions. For the easy transfer of images, it has built-in WI-Fi and the camera can be easily controlled through the app.

Even though this is a compact camera, it is not possible to keep them in your pocket, you need a bag or strap for that. An integrated lens can not be changed and cause the missing of an extra wide angle. Also, the headphone jack can be used for videos.


  • Improved LCD touch-screen
  • Extreme Zooming
  • 4K Photos and Videos
  • Low light performance
  • Never Ending Features


  • Small Sensors
  • Fixed lens
  • Little expensive

Final words

This is the highly recommended best camera in the market. Tons of never-ending features. Not an inexpensive camera but the features and quality it delivers turns into an excellent buy.

2) Canon EOS 70D

This camera has an amazing Intelligent viewfinder with an electronic overlay. With this camera, a high-quality HD video of 1080p can be recorded. Also, to maintain the fast focus in live view and videos, it comes with a Dual Pixel CMOS AF.

This camera delivers a wonderful experience of articulating touch-screen. Anywhere can be placed such as high or low, left or right, and face it at you or behind you because of its flexible screen. Very lightweight camera with tons of features in comparison with other big cameras.

EF or EF-S lenses can be easily used in this camera to get a head start. Professional qualities of photos can be taken with this camera. Great DSLR for filming purposes. No annoying sound can be heard when zooming or adjusting. Flash assist and other included features are quite impressive.

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Facial autofocus is brilliant in this camera. The speed of the camera for fast-moving objects is fine. Also, the writing speed of the SD card is okay. The stock lens is as expected but its full potential could be unleashed by investing in a better lens, which would be paramount.

For YouTubers or bloggers, this is a masterpiece camera to increase the quality of their videos and photos respectively. Built-in image stabilization drastically improves the quality of the images and videos. Not a great choice for low light as it lacks maximum apertures, but at high ISOs’, this could capture nice shots.

The flip-out LCD viewfinder is absolutely lovable and great for Vlogging purposes. Even a beginner with zero knowledge of the camera can easily take professional-level photos and videos. Also, if you’re shooting in JPEG then only this camera will work in HDR.

RAW images can be easily processed in JPEG in this camera. However, this camera doesn’t shoot images in RAW as well as JPEG which is a very good thing because this saves a lot of space. This could be a flaw by this camera that it is missing a sensor around the viewfinder to turn the screen off when looking through it.


  • High quality Images & Videos
  • Excellent zooming
  • Light weight
  • Lots of features


  • Low light performance
  • Missing sensor around viewfinder

Final Thoughts

There is a very minor flaw in this camera that I’ve already mentioned above. Aside from these issues, this is a really good camera for professionals, YouTubers or bloggers, and Vloggers. Built-in Features and solid build quality is amazing in this camera making it extensive durable.

3) Canon EOS Rebel T5i

This camera comes with a 5mm lens which is a great point for taking any close up the portrait and wide-angle photos respectively. Best friendly T5i camera for beginners and enthusiasts. Learning exposure in live mode is also very easy.

Has got a real big screen with customizable settings and easy to use. Very portable camera to take on outside. We get multiple options of frame rate to capture qualitative videos in this camera.

The touch screen in this camera feels so good. This camera has got a new kit lens which takes very sharp images as compared to the old kit lenses. However, in the beginning, the journey of Youtube, this camera can be used effectively.

Even the strap in this camera is very comfortable. This feels a solid build of strong gauge plastics and few metals somewhere in camera. Also, the absence of a string connector in this camera for the lens caps is a bit confusing though.

It takes not more than one or two hours to charge fully. The focus in this camera is quiet and the T5i is STM approved which is an advance focusing system in this camera. This camera can deliver breathtaking photos and video with very ease of use which is very simple and intuitive.

We get an 18.0 Megapixel CMOS (APS-C) sensor and Canon’s superb DIGIC 5 Image processor with this camera which incredibly increases the quality and the performance of the images and videos.

To increase the audio quality and reduce the windy noise, it has got a built-in internal stereo microphone. The versatile feature of this camera is so amazing. GPS Syncing, Resizing JPEG, Scene mode positioning are few good features in this camera.


  • Big screen
  • Solid build
  • Great features
  • Photos and Videos quality


  • Little Expensive

Final Thoughts

Best camera for overall everything and best for beginners. Professionals are enjoying using this camera as it has got nearly very less or no flaw at all. Little expensive but not regrettable.

4) Nikon D750

This is an interesting camera with tons of built-in breathtaking features that any Photographers and Videographers want or would love to have in a single body.

By the use of this camera, photographers don’t have to lay on the grounds or on your tip-toes to get a shot. This is a great choice for any enthusiasts, hobbyists, or professionals. It serves as promised and there’s nothing to complain about.

We get accurate colors and very sharp images with good glass in this camera. The build quality is made of pro-level in this camera. The feel of the grip in this camera is so deep and a pleasure to hold.

As this camera comes with a 2X SD Slots instead of CF + SD, this doesn’t make it a deal-breaker. One awesome point about this camera is, as this camera has built-in EN-EL15, we don’t have to buy new batteries.

It has got a really quiet and smooth shutter with easy to manage controls which are so nice. Also, the photography and the videography can be very much flexible even from odd angles. The availability of faster FPS means more FPS to choose from.

This camera has got a superior tracking ability to track the moving objects either in good light or low light conditions. In comparison with D610, this camera has a better keeper rate and performs better in challenging situations. for eg. In concert, there are challenging lighting situations.

We get a really interesting option to preserve whites and prevent it from blowing out which is known as Highlight weighted metering in this camera. The images quality and the sharpness are breathtaking.

The D750 hunts less in extreme low light conditions and lock quickly and the results are pretty impressive. In this camera, auto white balance works more than good along with the management of skin tones and so does everything else.


  • Tough Built
  • Nice Grip
  • Excellent Features
  • Low Light Beast
  • Outstanding quality
  • Lightweight


  • Little expensive

Final Thoughts

This is the best camera for almost everyone. Pictures and videos taken from this camera are so out of the ordinary. YouTubers, Vloggers, Professional photo and videographers can find everything they need in this camera.

5) Sony Alpha a6000

When you look at its specs and its cost then sometimes it might seem like a low-end camera of the price spectrum but the ability of this camera is extremely great. This is a beast in-camera with 24 megapixels. Also, this is a mirrorless digital camera.

This camera can deliver high quality and professional level of photos. There are some adapters available in this camera for more modern lenses. In this camera, the battery could be a problem that can be solved by buying an extra pair of batteries and a charger.

In addition, this battery draining problem can be also fixed easily by turning airplane mode on and wifi off. Turn on wifi and turn off airplane mode only at the time of need like when you’re sharing photos and videos. Otherwise, do not use it and the problem related to the battery will be solved easily.

In terms of the scope of photography, it has a basic lens but excellent photos can be taken. The manual setting mode in this camera can certainly broaden the horizons for an exceptional photography purpose. We get WiFi sharing mode so that photos can be easily shared.

The zooming range on the kit lens of this camera is marvelous. However, a 90mm lens would have been nice but 35mm or 50mm all day just with this camera is still outstanding. Also, in this camera, a comfortable shoulder strap with Micro USB cable and eyepiece cup is included.

When capturing a photo in this camera, the noise of shuttering is a bit irritating. However, this is a mirrorless camera so this is obvious and there’s nothing to complain about in this camera regarding this. So, it is quite acceptable.

Including the quality of sound during windy situations and the menu system would be also quite disappointing. Ofcourse, there are some minor flaws in this camera that could be seen over time and situation but those are not the deal-breaker.


  • Excellent quality
  • Inexpensive
  • Solid build
  • Nice LCD
  • Good Features


  • Shutter Noise
  • Battery

Final Thought

Overall, this is also a good camera for the price and features and quality. Beginner YouTuber, vlogger, and the photographer can use this camera as their daily drive. Sometimes professionals can also use this camera and get desirable photos and videos.

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FAQs: Learn More About The Best DSLR Cameras With Flip Screen

Which DSLR Camera with Flip Screen has better 4K Support?

Panasonic Lumina FZ300 can capture 4K Photos and 4K Ultra HD Videos without compromising any quality.

Which Camera has best Viewfinder?

Canon EOS 70D has an amazing Intelligent viewfinder with an electronic overlay.

What are the Cons of Sony Alpha A6000?

There are few minor cons in this camera, such as, the quality of sounds alter during windy situations and the menu systems are quite uncomfortable.

What is the best thing about Nikon D750?

This camera can easily track any fast-moving objects in daylight and low light because of it’s superior tracking ability.

What is the time required by Canon EOS Rebel T5i to charge fully?

It takes not more than one or two hours and can survive until pretty good number of shots are taken.

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