GoPro Hero 8 Black – The Action Beast

There are many action cameras in the market and there must be a point to buy this camera.

It has a lot of positive points that may convince you to buy this camera if you’re a YouTube Vlogger, Action Videos Shooter, Profession filmmakers, or aspiring creators who need an action camera.

They can do a lot more than they could have ever imagined with this small action beast. Let’s

Watch this GoPro Hero 8 Black Introduction Video

GoPro Hero 8 Black Introduction Video

Key Specification:


It comes with the hyper smooth 2.0 that has three levels of Stabilization, and they’re probably better than the gimbal performance without having an actual gimbal.

They have done a considerable upgrade in 4k Stabilization along with the audio quality unlike previous GoPro Hero Models such as GoPro Hero 7.

The more you use this camera, the better it’s Stabilization will be as time passes.


The battery life of this camera is not wow. You can record 4K videos in 30 FPS with medium screen brightness for at least forty and sometimes sixty to eighty minutes straight.

I would recommend an extra pair of batteries if you’re travelling or going to a professional shoot.

It has an entirely different story in the summer and winter season. Battery drains quickly in winter; however, it is exceptional in summer.

Photo and Video Qualities

The final result regarding photo and video qualities is far better when comparing to the GoPro Hero 7 as it has better HDR and Image Processing.

This small beast can easily record full HD 1080p videos. You can also shoot 4K videos with 50 or 60 frames per second with no issues at all.

It is recommended not to increase the ISO setting beyond 800 as it’s noise becomes annoying.

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By the help of video software or GoPro app, you can easily extract high-quality images from 4k videos.

It is better to shoot in daylight for massive, impressive qualities; unfortunately, the quality degrades by a few points in low light or indoor environments.

Watch Out GoPro Hero 8 Black Review Video

GoPro Hero 8 Black Review Video

Full Review

This is one of the fantastic cameras with the best upgrades that any GoPro ever had.

There are different filming options and features that are ready to deliver you the best shot that you’re imagining. There is something new to the hardware department of this camera.

Unfortunately, it has a non-replaceable lens; however, the lens is two times more powerful than the previous models. The long slow-motion and time-lapse shot can be easily taken.

The best part about this camera is that you can easily control all settings, functions, updates, start or strop, everything of the camera from your smartphone without any hustle. This is very easy to use and a rugged little tiny camera.

You can easily imagine the sound quality of this camera by supposing you’re nearby a hurricane and your shots have a very little noise only.

It can be easily attached to the mountain bike, electric scooter, helmet, or chest for the best possible shots.

We also get an option to change the frequency of the video from 60Hz to 50Hz, that removes the flicker done by the different frequency of the light source.

You get to choose four different options to buy this camera from amazon. They are Base Package only, Base Package with Adventure Kit and Bite Mount, Base Package with Floaty and Sleeve, and Base Package with extra battery and charger.

For live streamers, they can stream live video in Full HD 1080p on Social Media and while live broadcasting they can even save their live videos in there SD Card to check out later by the help of GoProApp.


  • Impressive photos
  • Great Video Qualities
  • New Interface
  • Audio Quality
  • Full Control Using Phone
  • FHD 1080p Live Streaming


  • Battery Span


If you’re looking for the best action camera, then this is the current beast with excellent qualities.

Professionals must take into account that few problems can occur due to the high usage of this camera, which is very common in every product out there.

FAQs: More About The GoPro Hero 8 Black

How worthy lens does it have?

It is non-replaceable but it is two times more powerful than previous models.

How is the stabilization of this camera?

It comes with the powerful hyper smooth 2.0 that has impressive stabilization without any gimbal.

Is GoPro Hero 8 Worth Buying?

This is one of the best action camera with best upgrade that any GoPro Models ever had. So, yes this is worth buying.

Is GoPro Hero 8 Waterproof?

Yes, as we know mostly the GoPro Hero Action Cameras are waterproof. Just like those models, GoPro Hero 8 is also waterproof.

How Long Can a GoPro Hero 8 record?

This camera can record high quality 4K videos for almost 70 minutes.

How is the battery of this camera?

The battery life of this camera is not that good. You may want to buy an extra pair of batteries and charger.

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